Creating WOW Moments by Simply Being Human

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I had the honor of being on Amazing Business Radio hosted by Shep Hyken. He’s a well-known customer service expert, New York Times bestselling author, and award-winning keynote speaker. I’ve joined many shows and admit this podcast episode is one of my favorites because of the topic: The power of Wow Moments, why, and how to create them to achieve brand advocates.

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Stacy Sherman & Shep Hyken Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important to consider and optimize CX across the board, but especially within three key areas: digital channels and e-commerce, sales and the frontline, and especially new product development.
  • Very few companies take the customer experience into consideration when designing new products. Incorporate the customer’s voice throughout that process and give them a seat at the table from the very beginning.
  • Poll the customers and personas to whom you’re marketing and find out their wants and needs. Create your product using that information.
  • Customer service is a key component of the customer experience. Ensure every employee understands their role within the larger customer experience, even if they never interact directly with the customer.
  • Celebrate your customers and the employees who create excellent experiences. Make it a part of your culture. If you choose to celebrate and devote a day or a week to CX (similar to National Customer Service or CX Week), don’t forget that it’s still a year-round effort.
  • Positive change within customer experience and company culture must start from the top. Executives must be fully on board for it to become a part of the culture. They must be role models and champions of the CX initiative.


  • “Infuse the customer voice within the development of new products. Make sure the customer is at the table right from the beginning.”
  • “Companies and leaders should think about what they can do to delight customers that have nothing to do with the price tag.”
  • “Business to business or business to consumer, at the end of the day, it’s human to human. People buy from people.”


Check out my other article. Shep Hyken creates a WOW moment for me that you can do too. It’s brilliant.

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