Differentiate Your Brand By Being Customer Led

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Are you customer-led? That’s the theme of my conversations with podcast host, Bill Staikos. The show explores the symbiotic relationship between the customer and employee experience and reveals how companies are creating leaders and cultures maniacal about the customer.  

What You’ll Hear from our conversations on “Be Customer Led”

Bill and I talk about a ton of different and important topics, including what ignited my career in the CX field, and how two “wow” moments transformed my professional career from Marketing into CX; the key attributes that can differentiate CX leaders, CX measurement, where the CX function should sit in the org, and more to elevate your customer experience skills.

We also talk about our shared love of Shep Hyken. The audio cut out for a min at 48:18, but you’ll get to hear my personal story about my interaction with Shep.

Press Play Below To Hear How To Be Customer Led 

Please let us know what you think and what resonates most.

Listen To Stacy Sherman Talk About Customer Experience on Be Customer Led Podcast

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Master Your Customer Experience and Service Skills with Stacy Sherman

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