How To Be Customer-Centric & Not Just Say It

How To Be Customer-Centric & Not Just Say It

It’s easy to talk about creating a customer-centric culture; there’s no doubt about that. But how it is actually done and put into practice is a different story. It requires a lot of community building and employee engagement initiatives to succeed. This topic is the theme of Crack The Customer Code podcast. I had the honor to join Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters to talk about our favorite topics.


In this Customer Experience episode, you’ll learn:


  • What Stacy does in CX and her main focus
  • How she uses a different angle to improve customer experience
  • How Stacy overcomes resistance and gets everyone on the same page to create a customer-centric culture
  • Ways to get everyone to understand the importance of CX metrics
  • How she took advantage of CX Day

Stacy’s Quote About Customer-Centric Cultures:


“It takes a whole village for CX to work! Once everyone is accountable for the same objectives, that’s when the game changes.” ~Learn more about Stacy Sherman and how she helps people like you.

Listen To Stacy Sherman on "Crack The Customer Code" About How To Differentiate Your Brand By Being Customer-Centric