Inspirational Ways To Increase Your CX Skills by Stacy Sherman

5 Inspirational Ways To Increase Your CX Skills

People often ask me for advice on how to increase their CX skills. They want to understand more about the customer experience field and proven methodologies to differentiate their brands. While I mentor them, I also share additional ways to learn. I’m confident you’ll find value from my list too. (Sorry for any I left out as there are so many inspirational people in the CX field. I’ll add you to my 2020 list.)

1. Listen to Shows & Podcasts To Increase Your CX Skills.  

  • Voices of CX Highlights CX Experts I’m a big fan of including (but not limited to) Nate Brown, Dan Gingiss, Michael Barlett, Becky Roemen, Jenny Dempsey, Jeanne Bliss, Jeannie Walters, Ian Golding, Sue Duris (host of Twitter #CXChat) & MORE. (Thank you Mary Drumond for featuring me too. Listen here. 
  • Be Amazing or Go Home.” Hosted by my friend & world-renowned business coach and customer service savant, Shep Hyken. Check out how Shep created a Wow Moment after interviewing me. (Note: Great idea to replicate with customers).
  • More Happy Life hosted by Andy Proctor. Listen to our episode about how employee happiness impacts customer experiences and tactical tips.
  • MyCustomer. Listen to episode where Chris Ward and I discuss everything you want to know about Journey Mapping. 
  • Sweets of CX by Cloud Cherry. My friend James Gilbert features awesome thought leaders such as Matt Dixon, Eric Ullman, Jeannie Bliss, Joey Coleman, Adam Toporek, James Dodkins, Jeff Toister, Kate Nasser and more.
  • IFS. For those in Field Services, you’ll like Sarah Nicastro. We spoke about the Pros & Cons of using NPS, a debatable topic that was in the WSJ Journal and much more. Listen to the episode & view the WSJ article here.

2. Read Articles on CX Websites & Blogs.

There are dozens of places to find information about HOW TO create personas, journey maps, customer-centric cultures, institute Voice of Customer (VOC) and Voice of Employee (VOE) initiatives, etc. People / Sites To follow:

3. Take A CX Course From A Reputable Academic Institution

Read about a course I took and my CX Certification experience (online and classroom options available), You can also watch my video below. I have a 20% discount code if you’re interested.

4. Watch TedX Videos about customer experiences 

There are so many inspirational stories. One of my favorite videos that keep my attention from beginning to end is Jeannie Walters, who talks about meaningful micro-engagements. Like Jeannie, I believe small actions and “wow moments” can make big differences in customer experiences and in life. We must not let technology and processes dehumanize experiences with brands.

5. Find Your Cx Tribe. Networking Is A Great Use Of Time.

Social media is an awesome tool to bring like-minded people together. I’ve met incredibly kind people who are incredibly knowledgable and giving of their time to support the CX community as a whole. Leaders who immediately come to my mind include Debbie Szumylo, Erica Marois, and Sean B Hawkins, Ben Motteram. Though I mentioned Nate Brown and Bill Quiseng previously, they’re worth highlighting again. Thank you for boosting my confidence, more than you know.

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