5 Inspirational Ways To Increase Your CX Skills

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People often ask me for advice on how to increase their CX skills. They want to understand more about the customer experience field and proven methodologies to differentiate their brands. While I’ve had a lot of on the job and academic training over the years (before CX was even an acronym), I continue to learn from inspirational people. I’m happy to share a sample of some of my favorites as they’ve impacted me in small and big ways. The list continues to grow. I will share more in 2020.   

1. Get CX Certified From A Reputable university. Attend Events Too.

  • The list of universities offering CX Certifications is growing. Contact me about my online and classroom experiences. You can leverage the same 20% discount code I used. It’s worth about $1k.
  • Join me and my inspirational colleagues for honest discussions about CX plus career-enhancing topics at Go Bold Event. August 26 & 27, 2020.

Go Bold CX Accelerator Event

2. Watch Videos & Listen to Podcasts To Increase Your CX Skills.

3. Read Articles on CX Websites & Blogs.

4. Watch TedX Videos about customer experiences 

There are so many inspirational stories. One of my favorite videos that keep my attention from beginning to end is Jeannie Walters, who talks about meaningful micro-engagements. Like Jeannie, I believe small actions and “wow moments” can make big differences in customer experiences and in life. We must not let technology and processes dehumanize experiences with brands.

5. Find Your Cx Tribe. Networking Is A Great Use Of Time.

Social media is an awesome tool to bring like-minded people together. I’ve met incredibly kind people who are incredibly knowledgable and giving of their time to support the CX community as a whole. Leaders who immediately come to my mind include Debbie Szumylo, Erica Marois, Kaye Chapman, Murphy FraserSean B Hawkins, Ben Motteram. I also am a huge fan of CX Accelerator, created by Nate Brown. He and his team continue to inspire me daily! Hope to see you at the Go Bold event mentioned (#1 above).

While not in my direct CX world, I can’t forget to thank Madelyn Sklar who has taught me more than she’s aware about leveraging Twitter (which is where I first connected with most names above) Check out her #TwitterSmarter chats.

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*All views expressed are Stacys & do not reflect opinions of or imply endorsement of employers or other organizations.

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*All views expressed are Stacys and do not reflect the opinions of or imply the endorsement of employers or other organizations.


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