How to Humanize Business From The Inside

How to Humanize Business From The Inside

What does it mean to humanize business?

How do you differentiate brands beyond price?

What are ways to ensure employee happiness so that they deliver customer excellence every day?

What does great leadership look like to build a customer-centric business culture?

I answer these questions and more on Engati’s podcast. Watch my video interview below.

I’m interested to know what you think and what resonates most.

Transcription shared from Engati’s Business Blog:

What role does the employee experience play in relation to fostering a great customer experience?

According to Stacy, it’s everything. Everything starts with the employees. Without motivated, engaged employees, there is no happy customer. At the end of the day, people buy from people, and people trust brands based on people.

She believes that we have to start from the inside. We have to provide our employees with the right training, the right coaching, and support. Only then will they service the customers and do the right thing.

What can a business do to make sure that their employees are more motivated and engaged?

There are a lot of different approaches so let’s start with the basics. As leaders, we have to take time and have a one-to-one with our employees. There shouldn’t ever be a reason why we can’t make time for our people. We really have to listen, empathize, and be there. We have to hear what they’re saying and what they’re not saying.

There’s no cookie cutter approach. We have to remember that celebrating successes is important. And it doesn’t have to be huge gigantic wins. These small acts add up. It’s important to recognize our employees and to say “thank you.”

It’s all about humanizing business, it really helps. Even though we have technology, we have to use it to enhance employee experience. After all, to deliver great customer experience, we can’t forget the human element of it all.

How crucial is it to build personas for the target audience? How can building personas lead to mass customization, increased sales, and better CX?

According to Stacy, it’s essential for customer experience, marketing, communications department, etc., Can’t create messages when we don’t know who we’re creating it for.

Persona development is the first step of the CX practice.

After that, we’re able to create journey maps of the ideal experience for specific segments. We can’t be everything for everyone so it’s crucial to identify personas.

We have to encourage our teams to learn how to do it. Developing personas helps in determining if a company’s profitable or not. It starts with going to the right people and understanding their needs.

And that’s the key.

We have to know who our audience is before we market and develop products. We have to know who they’re for, and what problems they face. Whether it’s selling, marketing, or communicating, we have to figure out the who, and that’s what humanizing business is really about. It’s about knowing people.