Digging Deep Into Customer & Employee Experience Management

Digging Deep Into Customer & Employee Experience Management

Customer Experience education is finding its way to universities, and I love it. I had the opportunity to be a guest on a podcast show hosted by Tom Dewitt, Director of CX at Michigan State University as well as Bob Kiple, a Marketing professional. They are a dynamic duo and I encourage you to listen to all their CX episodes. There’s so much to learn from teachers and practitioners who are doing the job.


During the interview, we dive deep into various customer experience topics including:


  • What I do in CX, why my passion, and how others can replicate best practices to differentiate their brand.
  • Advice to students who want to enter the CX field
  • The types of CX jobs in corporations and where to start whether graduating from college or first entering the field as a profession.
  • How to engage employees to care and deliver customer excellence every day.
  • And so much more.

Listen To Podcast Below. Tell Me What You Think.

Stacy Sherman Joins Tom DeWitt,Ph.D.of CXM@MSU and Bob Kiple Podcast To Talk About CX Leadership, Customer Experience Best Practices and driving employee engagement.
Employee Satisfaction Starts With “Awake” Leaders

Employee Satisfaction Starts With “Awake” Leaders

I had the honor to join Cynthia James on her well-known inspiring show called, Women Awake. I admire Cynthia as a champion for change who awakens other leaders to express their full potential.

She’s spent over two decades in self-examination, higher education, and working with leaders around the world. She helps individuals searching for knowledge, wisdom, and techniques to bring their gifts to the world.

Her teaching and guidance correlate to my passions in creating better human experiences and workplace cultures where diversity of thought and inclusion are valued. I believe you’ll enjoy and learn from our conversations and gain useful tips to improve employee wellbeing and happiness, which in turn, impacts customer experiences. 

I’m interested to hear your thoughts about inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Which leaders stand out to you and why?

Read more about Diversity and Inclusion and ways to drive change here.

Driving Great Customer Experiences Through Employees (Podcast)

Driving Great Customer Experiences Through Employees (Podcast)

Creating great customer experiences (CX) is a top priority for many companies, but HOW TO DO THAT is often the tricky part. A key component is creating a company culture where employees love their job. It doesn’t happen automatically or overnight.

I had the honor of joining a LinkedIn Live session hosted by Gabe Larsen, VP at Kustomer as well as Vikas BhambriWe dive deep into best practices related to employee experiences, effective leadership, and related topics that impact customer experiences.

Business  Topics including:

  • Why employee engagement matters, and how does it ultimately drive amazing customer experiences?
  • What is wrong with the way people are currently thinking about customer experience today.
  • How do you define CX?
  • How do you define employee experience?
  • Why measure and manage both the employee and customer experience together?


Watch Our Video – Unscripted & Unrehearsed. Tell us what you think.

How To Shift Your Strategy Without Hindering CX

How To Shift Your Strategy Without Hindering CX

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we live. It’s impacting people very differently, which fascinates me. I decided to take my passion for understanding and studying human behaviors to the next level for a greater purpose. As the pandemic spreads, I’ve been interviewing people around the world to learn about their experiences and strategy to cope, stay calm, and productive. My goal for publishing a collection of stories is to spread great ideas and inspire others to achieve happiness at a time we need it most.

My first article was about silver linings and what people are personally accomplishing that they may not have if the pandemic never happened. My second article was more business strategy focussed, which featured a Doctor who transitioned his NY psychiatric practice from in-person therapy to ONLINE in ONE WEEK! We spoke about how technology has helped him pivot while still humanizing business, and much more.

Today, I’m featuring another successful entrepreneur who is surviving the economic downturn by shifting his strategy while sustaining a customer-first company culture.

1 Simple Way To Engage Employees & Humanize Your Business TODAY

1 Simple Way To Engage Employees & Humanize Your Business TODAY

Happy employees lead to happy customers. That’s what Simon Sinek says, and it is very true! I’ve seen first hand throughout my corporate career how much employee satisfaction impacts company culture and overall results. As we live through uncertain times, employee happiness and inclusion are extra important and require creativity to achieve an engaged workforce who delivers customer excellence.

How To Create Meaningful Connections with employees Today

Form a workplace book club (virtually during a pandemic). The idea is more than just reading the same book, although that is a bonding experience. I’m suggesting to join Simon Sinek’s online community and read “Start with the why.” Each Friday at 3pm EST, he will be discussing a chapter and answering questions submitted by his fans.

My Customer Experience team and I are joining Simon’s sessions and also planning to get together on Mondays. WHY? To discuss key takeaways, learn from diverse perspectives, and become a better conversationalist.

Book Club Details:

DoingCXRight®‬ Tip For Employee Engagement

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: Find at least one other person and read the book together. Be it with friends or colleagues, the goal is that we are doing something as a community.

Step 2: Send your book club’s questions for each of the six parts of Start with Why to bookclub@simonsinek.com, include the name of your book club and the names of its members.

Step 3: Tune in to YouTube.com/simonsinek where he will answer your questions live. If you can’t make it live, worry not, he will keep the videos posted on YouTube.

What Are YOU Doing to Engage Your Employees?

I recommend a book club as it’s great for the mind, awesome for leadership, and excellent for business as work teams unite and break silos.I’d love to hear your stories and I will continue to share lessons learned from Simon’s book club and related experiences.

Special thank you to my entire rockstar CX work family (not everyone shown below). You inspire me every day to show up as my best self.

More photos and articles to follow.

CX Team Engagement Meeting

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