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Get Featured On the Top 3% Global Rank* Doing CX Right Podcast

Stacy Sherman is interviewing authors, keynote speakers, educators, and brand leaders who can provide ACTIONABLE tips and resources based on proven techniques.

There is currently a backlog of episodes to launch; however, for the right people who meet show requirements,
there’s a “skip the line” and partnership options.

Doing CX Right podcast show on Spotify with host Stacy Sherman
Doing Customer Experience (CX) Right Podcast - Hosted by Stacy Sherman
Doing CX Right podcast show on iHeart Radio with host Stacy Sherman
DoingCXRight on Google Podcasts with host Stacy-Sherman.
Doing CX Right on Listen Notes with host Stacy Sherman



1. Do you have proven expertise?

You don’t have to be an author or “famous” in any way. Yet, I need proof that you are knowledgeable about the topic you want to discuss.

2. Are you a trusted thought leader & influencer in your industry?

Stacy will view your social media, book written, website and/or other sources of authenticity. Links requested in evaluation form.

3. Are you ready to amplify your business and personal brand now?

Package options include:

  • Get featured on all major podcast channels and/or youtube.
  • Promotion on high-profile social channels and communities – Reach: 21K business leaders.
  • Included on Stacy’s Doing CXRight Blog and syndicated platforms. Reach: 3M audience.
  • CX coaching from Stacy to take your brand to the next level through Heart & Science.
  • Cross-promotion on other episodes
  • And more options customized to your needs.

Cost: Dependent on the package chosen. Stacy will provide details after reviewing your request form, ensuring a good fit for her followers.


Popular Leadership Topics Include But Not Limited To:

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Master Your Customer Experience and Service Skills with Stacy Sherman

*All views expressed are Stacys and do not reflect the opinions of or imply the endorsement of employers or other organizations.


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