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Each episode provides ACTIONABLE tips to accelerate brand loyalty and revenue by Doing Customer Experience Right®‬. It entails humanizing your business, leading effectively, and differentiating your brand beyond price. You’ll hear proven best practices from admirable keynote speakers, authors, CEOs, and managers across industries.

My show is not all business and customer service related. You’ll also hear my guests share personal stories, challenges overcome, lessons learned, and my favorite topic: “What would you tell your younger 20-year-old self now that you didn’t know then.” Their answers will inspire you to think and do differently so that you show up as your best self every day.

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Creating Awesome Customer Experiences By Design

Many companies want to use customer experience, but are they really embracing its essence?  Businesses often think it is about customers being happy in terms of ‘customer satisfaction.’  The point is really customer experience is about much more than satisfaction. To...

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Women, Wine & Leadership

Women, Wine & Leadership

Stacy Sherman and Donna Carlson speak about how to humanize business & the importance of Diversity & Inclusion leadership for organizations

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